Long time no entry!

November 16, 2008 at 4:07 pm (Uncategorized)

I got a howler from my father.  He hasn’t heard a thing from me since before Halloween.  But I’ve been busy with homework and studying.  End of term is really close.

I got a letter from Manon.  Apparently there has been a rash of pranks and cheating and Madame has seriously curtailed all owl post until she puts a stop to it.  As it was the letter was heavily sensored.  And Manon said that the only part ofmy letter she got to see was that I missed everyone and Please write soon.

Halloween was hilarious.  Elanor and I charmed some jack o’laterns.  We left before the charm took effect and missed the aftermath.  The stories have been fantastic.  Some of the jack o’laterns bit the first years and hung on so tight that the first years had to carry them around attached the whole day.  We did such a good job that it took three teachers to end the enchantments, until Dumbledor came down to help.  it seems that he managed to end them all with one spell.  He did wait about 5 hours to actually do anything though.  I think he thought it was a good prank, since I hear he chuckled for two hours after he was told about it and almost could get the spell spoken because he kept laughing.  I can’t believe we didn’t get caught.

After we performed the enchantment we headed down to the forest to get some help with our Astronomy homework.  Firenze is a very good teacher.  I think our charts are better and I actually understand what we are suppose to be doing and looking at.

While we were there Firenze gave me a note from one of the Ravenclaw boys.  He is SO cute.  We have two classes together and we have spoken several times during class and worked on a couple homework assignments together.  But he never seemed interested in dating me before.  He wanted me to meet him in the Forest later.  He had heard Elanor and I were going to meet Firenze for tutoring and asked Firenze to help him get the note to me.  We have been meeting in the Forest two or three times a week every since.  We never meet at the school, I am not sure I could stand the teasing I would get from Elanor. It’s bad enough the teasing about Firenze.  She seems to think that I’m infatuated with Firenze.  I suppose that is my fault though since when she asks where I’m going I’ve been telling her I was going for more help with my Astrology homework.  No one could be that bad at Astrology. I’ll have to come up with a new excuse pretty soon.

My Ravenclaw boy also doesn’t want anyone at the school to know about us just yet.  He has two brothers at Hogwarts and doesn’t want them telling his mother. He says his mother would never let him date a Slytherin girl.  Which is silly if you ask me. But I don’t really understand the whole house competition thing.

I was never actually sorted into Slytherin, so we don’t really know where I would be.  I don’t really understand what the big deal is anyway. Especially since Elanor changed houses.  It seems to me that if there is something in your basic makeup that decides what house you are in how could that change?

It is really important to his mother though so we have decided to ask Dumbledore if I can be sorted properly after term ends. I don’t know what we will do if I am sorted into Slytherin.  Most of my famiy was.  I think only two or three of my family was ever in another house, I’m not really sure since no one ever talks about it.

I sent an owl to my father about the sorting.  I am sure that he will approve of the sorting, we only skipped it because I was changing schools and Papa thought it would be easier to change if I was in the same house as some of my cousins.  I don’t know what he will say about my dating a boy from Ravenclaw.  Mostly the dating, I don’t think it will matter that he is from Ravenclaw.  After all, my mother was from Beaux Batons.

I do hope that if I am sorted into another house Elanor and I can still be friends.  She is so much fun.


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