Slytherin Quiz

October 9, 2008 at 1:54 am (Uncategorized)

The importance of Chapter 10! Are you kidding me? This chapter has all kinds of great stuff in it!

It contrasts and compares the upbringing of Snape, Harry and Voldemort.  It also points out parallels between Harry’s and Voldemort’s parents, their romance and the boys early years.  Lily’s death to protect Harry is in strong contrast to Merope’s death after Voldmort’s birth.

It also suggests that even though the Dursley’s are not particularily kind to Harry he learns to be a better person then Voldemort does living in the orphanage. Perhaps the knowledge that Harry’s mother didn’t abandon him to the Dursley’s give Harry something that Voldemort doesn’t have from knowing that his mother couldn’t even be bothered to live for him, that her abandonment is done willingly and she didn’t even see him as important enough to live for, let alone care for.

It also gives us clues to the items Voldemort uses for his horcruxes.  They are all items that he sees as important to his life, some how things he was entitled to possess.


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